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Expedition VISA

The Expedition VISA is a key element in our design process. We use the information to design the overall flow, timing and route we will follow; to highlight exploration discovery areas; and to define specific topics and learning objectives. Your input is vital since you bring much of the Expedition's knowns and unknowns with you.

After some questions you will find a range of numbers in parentheses indicating the minimum number of lines or sentences we would like to see in your response. Although some questions may not appear to relate to you or may not seem of value, please answer all questions. Responses such as "I don't know" or "None" are not acceptable answers. Please trust this process - it works. Your answers and thoughts are extremely valuable to us, and are your first push across your own mental frontiers into 3-Sigma thinking.

Please select the Event you are scheduled to attend from the list below. If you haven't coordinated an Expedition but would like to do so, please select the "How to start planning a Thinking Expedition now" option from the list below or if you have questions about Thinking Expeditions, please send them via e-mail to vTx Basecamp.

If you would like to apply to attend a future School for Innovators not yet scheduled, please select the School for Innovators from the menu bar on the left of this page and follow that pathway to a future School for Innovators VISA application.

Please answer as many of these questions as possible so that we may then help you move in the best direction with your strategic focus faster; after completing the VISA, should you wish to discuss your strategic focus with us directly, please print a copy of your VISA form for reference and call us at (830) 456-4963.

Note: Note: Corporations sometimes sponsor and back Educators with full tuition scholarships for Math & Science teachers on an invitational basis. For example, ExxonMobil and Texaco Corporation have sponsored Houston Independent School District a number of principals on expeditions with the School for Innovators.

The Office of Strategic Innovation has a limited number of Educators Scholarships for primary and secondary school principals (partial scholarships are available when a school or district wishes to independently sponsor a particular educator). Districts and schools are expected to fund travel costs and provide some support for lodging. Each individual educator is expected to pay for their meals and some of their lodging costs. The scholarships carry with them an obligation for the educator to regularly update The School for Innovators and corporate sponsors on experiences in the classroom and schools, successes, discoveries, results, challenges, issues, and new ideas to incorporate into future Educators Expeditions.