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How to Launch an Expedition

The Idea: Is a Thinking Expedition even worth trying?
  1. What's the challenge? Is it unusual? Is it difficult? Is it impossible?

  2. Is it urgent? Do you need results NOW? Can you schedule it within the next 30 days?

  3. What are the objectives and the areas to explore? What do you hope to discover? Are you really looking for diffferent results and 3-Sigma ideas?

  4. What are known obstacles and barriers - and what are the unknowns?

  5. What, exactly, is within your power to control, to influence, to change, to make happen or to stop cold. Assume everything else is not within your power. If you actually got different results, what could you do with them?

  6. Who will back and sponsor the expedition? Who will commit to it (time, visible endorsement, personal involvement, and funding)?

  7. What other choices do you have? Explore them.

    Getting started: Immediates

  8. Think through, very clearly, what results you want out of the expedition and what, exactly, you're going to do with them after you get them.

  9. See yourself on expedition. Get excited and energized about going on expedition to attack the problem differently. Model it for everyone else.

  10. Start recruiting the expedition team now -- get excitement and momentum up.

  11. Schedule it NOW -- put some dates on the calendar and lock it in. Call the Virtual Thinking Expedition Company at (830) 456-4963

  12. Advertise the expedition. Market it. Raise awareness. Talk about it. Keep it out in front of people. KMF! Keep moving forward. Keep moving fast.

  13. Anxiety and doubt are normal before exploring terra incognita. Cross the point of no return -- commit funds.

  14. Fill out a preliminary inquiry