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Thea Sue GoldinSmith   (on Expedition in Nepal)

MY MISSION: … Exploring the different and unusual in life…the stuff that makes it interesting…as well as the "How to's" …Guiding and infecting others with those discoveries and having fun!!!! Thinking!
Broadening people's perspectives, experiences, knowledge, and enlighten their thought processes…
Spreading the word: LIFE IS NOT A DRESS REHERSAL…
…and changing their thinking
Grow! Grow! Grow!
Be a kid forever - an 8 year old mad scientist - a creative artistic Renaissance woman

MY VISION:    To have fun in everything I do …change the workplace… teach as many people as possible how to play    …enlighten people about themselves… be a master of the science of Brainstorming…

OCCUPATION (WHAT I REALLY DO):      Have Ideas! Experiment... Guide individuals and groups to think diffferent. Introduce different perspectives of thinking to individuals & groups… facilitate insights…spread ideas… introduce innovative practices…Grow knowledge

SPECIAL SKILLS/ABILITIES:       Connect dots differently - in fact, sometimes I don't connect them at all … liven things up… have passion, fun & humor …I can be both creative & analytical …I like people!

EXPEDITIONS & ADVENTURES:    Started traveling at 6 months of age and haven't ever stopped…grew up traveling all over Europe… Lived on a sailboat for 6 months…
1997 globe trotted around the world …while trekking towards Everest Basecamp in 1999 I was caught in an incredible winter storm …or was I just watching the Travel Channel?

DISCOVERIES I'VE MADE ON EXPEDITION:      whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot - you're right! Fear grows out of the "thinks" we think - it lives in our minds. Life is a living laboratory - there is no single recipe - but lots of neat ingredients

MY PRINCIPLES AND BELIEFS:    whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot - you're right! YOU have the power to decide.
Don't let people "should " on you

MY VALUES: positive thinking, fun, family, knowledge, honesty, truth, the kid inside me, creativity, unusual & diffferent

KAI:    +140

MBTI:    ENFP (whatever you think are … there you are!)

LITTLE KNOWN FACTS:     I grew up in Germany, spent grades 2-7 in local schools… one of my favorite activities as a child was exploring in the woods with my dog Muzza (a wolverine who possessed supernatural powers) I wanted to become a Mad Scientist when I grew up… but I never did - grow up!

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