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Philip Mullins

MY MISSION: Is to Lead and Innovate. Leading for me is doing, being an example, working hard and openly so that others see how to and innovating is more than generating ideas, it is instigating or agitating solutions out of the mess, knowing when to problem solve and when to reengineer, liberating and stretching the thinking of others. Help people get the most out of their day, every day.

MY VISION: Be an example of a free thinker, willing to explore every angle and imagine every possibility.

OCCUPATION (WHAT I REALLY DO):I offer "Thinking as a Service" and develop methodologies for value based decision making. I help companies understand the value and implications of emerging technology such as IoT, Block Chain and Cloud Computing. I help start-ups clarify their opportunity, market approach and solution design.

SPECIAL SKILLS/ABILITIES: Thinking differently, innovating differently and creating methodologies and processes for complex decision making. And I know a thing or two about pervasive computing, wireless networking and advanced digitial communications.

Fluent in English, including Texan, many West Coast and East Coast Dialects and many South Mississippi and Cajun American Dialects.

EXPEDITIONS & ADVENTURES: Everyday hold the possibility for an adventure. Some begin in my dreams the night before, some will come tomorro, but no matter what, I'll think of something.

DISCOVERIES I'VE MADE ON EXPEDITION: I am not alone. Others think diffferently too. We have an effect even if we don't control the outcome. Our effect can be positive or negative, and we always get to choose.

MY PRINCIPLES AND BELIEFS: We are our brother's keeper, and we are made better when we help each other. We need each other to reach our full potential.

MY VALUES: Love, and everything it requires

KAI [2000]: 141 (0=56, E=26, R=59)


LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Never stopped to get a degree... Just learned from smart people along the way and made the rest up...

SECOND LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I have five US patents and numerous foriegn patents of the five US Patents.

ONE BIG WISH: Palms trees in the backyard big enough to hold a hammack, everything else is covered.

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