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Max Lee
Lynn Lee
MY MISSION: Agility and Authenticity.

MY VISION: Building relationships that matter. Being of good character and integrity who is generous of mind, spirit and heart - a wise thinker and a great doer.

OCCUPATION (WHAT I REALLY DO): Seeing what's really going on and making it REAL. Holding space so that what wants to happen happens.

SPECIAL SKILLS/ABILITIES: Intuitive - see the big picture, Quick learner, inventive/creative, teacher, leader, healer. See and feel what needs to be spoken.

EXPEDITIONS & ADVENTURES: I have been around the world twice; Europe, Africa, Central/South America, South East Asia, Japan, and China. All through the US. I have done all kinds of outdoor experiences; camping hiking, skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, sailing, cycling, sky diving, etc. Long car trips. Survive Las Vegas and other gaudy places.

DISCOVERIES I'VE MADE ON EXPEDITION: People do the most amazing things when they tap into hidden parts of themselves. I love seeing people get that Ah Ha !! moment. Low tolerance for excuses, whining and other irresponsible behavior. Taking action is where it's at and actions speak louder than words. Life requires innovation, adaptation, relationships and a whole lot of sweat. Creativity works best when relationships between people matter. My creativity is a direct reflection of how I am feeling about me. The biggest challenge is how to communicate weird ideas in a way that can be heard and built upon. Finally, collaborating with a group of people concerning critical, complex and urgent issues can be a crazy spiritual experience. Ask me when we are sitting around a camp fire some starry cool night reflecting on the days events.

MY PRINCIPLES AND BELIEFS: Treat people with respect; be honest - tell the truth; do my best; keep my commitments; learn from my mistakes; look into peoples eyes - their souls are there; listen with my whole body. Be REAL! - whatever that is, Be of service.

MY VALUES: Family, Lasting Love, Fun, Outdoor activities, Make where I am at a little bit better, Honesty, Integrity, Character, Justice, Learning, Connection, Healing.

KAI: 150 63-35-52.


LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I live a magical life and it is becoming even more magical.

SECOND LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I make money by groking the stock market.

ONE BIG WISH: Have crazy fun family re-unions in amazing places around the world.

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