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Max Lee
Lynn Lee
MY MISSION: Live in my Optimum Zone (OZ) as much as possible.

MY VISION: Be someone of good character and integrity who is generous of mind, spirit and heart. Be a good thinker and a great doer.

OCCUPATION (WHAT I REALLY DO): Seeing what's really going on and making it REAL. Holding space so that what wants to happen happens.

SPECIAL SKILLS/ABILITIES: Intuitive, grok - see the big picture, Quick learner, inventive/creative, teacher, leader, healer. Limited ability to understand and speak Chinese.

EXPEDITIONS & ADVENTURES: I have been around the world twice; Europe, Africa, Central/South America, South East Asia, Japan, and China. All through the US. I have done all kinds of outdoor experiences; camping hiking, skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, sailing, cycling, sky diving, etc. Long car trips. Survive Las Vegas and other gaudy places.

DISCOVERIES I'VE MADE ON EXPEDITION: People do the most amazing things when they tap into hidden parts of themselves. I love seeing people get that Ah Ha moment - so cool! Low tolerance for excuses, whining and other irresponsible behavior. Taking action is where it's at. Life requires innovation, adaptation, relationships and a whole lot of sweat. Creativity works best when relationships between people matter. My creativity is a direct reflection of how I am feeling about me. The biggest challenge is how to communicate weird ideas in a way that can be heard and built upon. Finally, collaborating with a bunch of people concerning critical, complex and urgent issues can be a crazy spiritual experience. Ask me when we are sitting around a camp fire some starry cool night reflecting on the days events.

MY PRINCIPLES AND BELIEFS: Treat people with respect; be honest - tell the truth; do my best; keep my commitments; learn from my mistakes; look into peoples eyes - their souls are there; listen with my whole body. Be REAL! - whatever that is, Be of service.

MY VALUES: Family, Lasting Love, Fun, Outdoor activities, Honesty, Integrity, Character, Justice, Learning, Connection, Healing

KAI: hmmmm´┐Ż.. not telling.


LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I live a magical life and it is becoming even more magical.

SECOND LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I make money by groking the stock market.

ONE BIG WISH: Have crazy fun family re-unions in amazing places around the world.

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