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Dan Himmerich

MY MISSION: Infect everyone I encounter with an incurable urge to imagine a different reality - and the achieve it! Create "ahHA!" moments, - "hmm, I never thought of that!", "who knew?", "it never occurred to me...." - expose those little glimpses into the untapped potential. Uncover purpose. Find those who 'get it' and help them live it.

MY VISION: Question everything. Rethink all of it. Wonder. Look to the horizon and imagine what might be out there. Bring the orbital vision to situations and problems that are stuck in the here and now.

OCCUPATION (WHAT I REALLY DO): Solve problems. Think different. Adapt or Innovate, persevere. Help executives look at their businesses through a different lens. Lead through change. Guide. Volunteer for everything that nobody wants to do.

SPECIAL SKILLS/ABILITIES: Expert at becoming an expert - and then moving on. Seeing patterns, grasping lightning, integrating seemingly random threads into a cohesive whole. Holding my breath. Certificated in the Kirton Adaption Innovation (KAI) inventory by Michael Kirton himself. Qualified in Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Step II.

  • 204 feet of depth on air - I won! Diving is a pretty good way to refocus on detail. Fail, and you die.
  • Scared of heights - who knew that jumping out of an airplane isn't like falling at all?
  • Joshua Tree Forrest isn't really a forest, and it's a lot bigger than it looks on the map. Life perseveres in the most hostile conditions imaginable.
  • If you want to bend your mind into some really different shapes, go visit the "Block of Discord" in Barcelona.
  • Whitewater rafting on the Zambezi is a bit different from rafting in the USA. In the USA, they tell you to wait until you get to calm water to climb back in the raft after you've fallen out. In Africa, if you wait for calm water, the crocodiles eat you.
  • Strategic Planning is a Level 7 Expedition! Long-range planning is a different thing from strategic planning. Learning the difference is a huge eye-opener.
  • 40+ US States, 5 continents, 20 countries & counting. Exploring new cultures, new environments, and new relationships is the most exciting life-long adventure you can pursue!
  • Just after you've taken your clothes off to wade a half-frozen river, you find a bridge just around the bend. Hypothermia isn't only for mountaineers!
  • When you're lost in the forest, don't follow the sounds of people trying to help you. Odds are they're just as lost as you are. Find your own way.
  • In the middle of the oldest cemetery in Edinburgh is a statue of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Five-year-olds are often wiser than adults.
  • It is easier to take things apart than it is to put them back together.
  • Air mattresses don't hold air at -20.
  • Climbing up is easier (and a whole lot less frightening) than climbing back down - but, you need to be able to do both!
  • Shed what you don't need. Commit to the people who mean the most to you.
  • Embrace originality and newness.
  • Maintain confidence in yourself - persevere!
  • No fear.
  • Never surrender.
  • Competence
  • Respect
  • Pursue what you love.
  • Friends
KAI: 130 (O:54; E:24; R:42)


LITTLE KNOWN FACT:Named a chunk of Italian Provolone (it weighed 3 pounds!). Carted "Serge" around Italy for 2 weeks until the Italians on the trains began to wince every time I opened the bag.

SECOND LITTLE KNOWN FACT:I've pretty much built my own cabin on my ranch. But for the steel shell, everything else (electric, plumbing, framing, drywalling, cabinets, floor, septic) is of my doing - and it all works!

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