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Why an Expedition?

Post-Expedition Comments by Sponsors and Backers

"I routinely encounter closed minds -- 'company thinking' -- and the inability of people to step out of the box with me. After being 'on expedition,' people aren't nearly as fearful or worried about pushing the company envelope. We came up with ideas that our old mindset would never have considered and people have seen that management sees them as viable. We have made the mindshift to thinking differently that was necessary to be able to 'do different.' I loved the concept, the process...I really was on an expedition!"
- Executive, Major Oil Company

"When we went on expedition the project was costed at $7 Million. To meet approval guidelines it had to be reduced to $5 Million, which we thought was impossible. Using the ideas we came up with on the expedition, particularly those relating to our engineering approaches, we were able to submit the project at $4.6 Million. It has since been sent to our corporate headquarters, and we are certain it will be approved."
- Engineering Manager, Chemical Plant

"When I got back I was ready! Within two days I had organized a mini-expedition for a Fortune 50 client. I used the new tools and techniques I had just learned while on expedition to lead the group in exploring new opportunities and strategic directions for the future. The results were unbelievable. The client said that we accomplished more in terms of new thinking and ideas than he had seen in the last three months -- and we locked in a $500,000 per month account."
- Senior Consultant, Reengineering Firm

"Results? Fantastic! Innovation and the Thinking Expedition has changed the way our Quality Improvement Teams are working. We're now introducing the teams to tools and techniques we learned about on the expedition after they've done the basics of collecting data and developing process diagrams -- that's when they need to start thinking differently. Our first group of 16 teams projected $113 Million in savings."
- Quality Manager, Fortune 100 Company

"Our engineering paradigms about facilities in the Arctic -- our experiences with how we've always built things there -- would have prevented us from seeing the solutions that came out of expedition as reasonable assumptions. The different paradigm of an expedition shifted our thinking completely. We discovered one new concept that will reduce the cost of building a facility by $50 - $100 Million. Another, directly attributable to the expedition, will reduce the cost of building an offshore platform from $600 Million to $275 Million, and I'm certain we can take the idea to $100 Million. Even in our business, half a Billion dollar chunks add up to real money pretty fast -- but more importantly, this has significantly shifted our strategic thinking about the Arctic. We can now develop a whole class of oil fields that previously were unthinkable."
- Project Manager, Fortune 50 Oil Company

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