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Bill Olsen...sometimes known as "Bobcat" Bill or "Trailblazer"

Director of the Potomac Outpost of vTx
Director of Change Management in Camber Corporation, an affiliate of vTx.

TERRITORY: A Texas native, who, after trekking 37 countries and circumnavigating the seven seas, homesteaded in the wild Northern-Virginia - Washington DC territory and the Potomac River watershed. This is the territory of the Potomac Outpost of vTx.

MY MISSION: To blaze trails into change and to light fires in minds. To guide organizations through complex change, help them leverage the power of their thinking, and help them exceed their own expectations. To have fun in all that I do. When there is no fork in the road, to make one. And to make my life and that of my family's, an adventure.

WHAT I REALLY DO: I'm not really sure I understand everything I know about me. But this stuff works, so I seek to understand better why and then share it with others. Somewhere while navigating ships in my Navy career I rediscovered how to navigate teams towards different results when faced with complex problems. I now guide THINKing, change and trailblazing, with the purpose of producing tangible results.

SPECIAL SKILLS/ABILITIES: Uncommon tenacity. Ability to fall into deep sleep, at will, under audacious rackets of noise, within seconds. An ingrown and unbridled love for a good challenge, outdoor adventures, and working and thinking with people.

Enthusiasm and energy are contagious - help spread the disease!
Everyone, everyday, really wants to do their best. When people do less than that, don't fire them; fire them up!
People do want change; they simply want to influence it, vice being influenced by it.
Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.
When the explorer is ready, the guide, and the team will appear.

MY VALUES: Fun. Family. Adventure. The power of the team. Trust. Commitment.


KAI: 143+ some...


MY PSYCHE: The soul of a Karankawa Indian, the heart of a musician, the spirit of a Viking warrior, the curiosity of a Hobbit, the cunning skill of a Bobcat, the love of a Daddy and the wanderlust of a trailblazer.

The best time to do something is just before you're ready to do something.
Parenthood is a constant process of the child training the parents.
Leadership is best when done from within.
The thrill is not in summiting but in the courage to join the climb.
The mountain you climb, is within yourself.


Personal adventures: Bicycling in 25 countries. A continuing interest in all types of camping & boating. Ever increasing experiences in rock climbing. Raising a family. Conquering a few physical challenges over the years. A quest to canoe, bike, climb and then hanglide off a major mountain.

Team expeditions: The 1st one: US Navy Smart Ship Project Thinking Expedition. Big Wow for me. That lit my fire with new tools and new thinking. The Navy project was hugely successful. Lots more: I've been on, helped with or guided a large number of Thinking Expeditions, Thinking Adventures, Think 101s or other Thinkshops since then. In fact, it was more like an expedition of expeditions, or a bowwave of change as I helped introduce the tools of innovations and blazed trails of change and different results into numerous organizations. Established and led a series of one-day Think 101 and Creativity workshops, reaching out to over a thousand aspiring government program managers.

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